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South Moravia

The resemblance with Italian Tuscany is uncanny.

October 24 — 27, 2021
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Stay ahead of the photography game with our professional photo tours.

Seeing through your lens is one thing, but putting your finger on the local culture in the context of its sceneries is what counts. Be it wine tasting in Tuscany, chasing Bohemian history through the cobbled streets of Prague, or exploring the vast epic spaces of the Canadian Rockies – it’s all about helping you translate the unique feel of the place into your photographs. And we will give you a beyond-the-ordinary experience of the locations, all in one solid package.

We ourselves know that photography is an alchemy, the art of which takes learning and improving over and over again. A never-ending route of striving towards perfection, even if it means breaking the rules. No matter what your photography level, our seasoned tutors will help you push your skills to a brand new level.

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Photo Tours 2021

October 24 — 27, 2021 South Moravia 3 nights Martin Rak €1,090 places left
October 24 — November 2, 2021 Czechia 9 nights Vojta Herout
Martin Rak
€2,990 places left
October 27 — 30, 2021 Elbe Sandstone Mountains 3 nights Martin Rak €1,090 places left
October 30 — November 2, 2021 Prague 3 nights Vojta Herout €1,090 places left