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Bohemian Journeys

Seize the world through your lens

Never trust words. When you fail to put the rich reality around you into words, capture it into a silent moment with your camera - it’s worth a whole life.

Upcoming Photo Tours

Stay ahead of the photography game with our photo tours

Why attend our photo tours

Enjoy your photography holiday in full focus

Unforgettable sceneries

Being a bunch of adventurers, we are eager to discover the undiscovered locations, and find new vantage points of famous sights for you.

Local culture

You’ll get to experience every location on 110% not only from the lens perspective but through putting your finger on the genuine local culture.

Seasoned tutors

No matter what your experience, our seasoned tutors will help you push your skills to a whole new level.

Full package

We’re here for you to make the best of your experience, you just sit back and enjoy the show. All in one solid package, you put your worries aside.

“A photography tour I will remember for the rest of my life.”