Martin Rak

Martin Rak

Award-winning landscape photographer in constant pursuit of light and fog.

Foggy scenery, dramatic light and dreamy mood - Martin is your man...

Renown Czech landscape photographer based in Prague, Martin took to photography at the age 6 and has not let go of camera ever since. Landscape photography, however, took the spotlight of his interest in 2009.

His work has been published in various periodicals, publications, magazines and calendars all over the world. He contributes on a regular basis to Black and White Photography Magazine, Practical Photography, Digital SLR Photography, GEO (Germany) and many others.


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Ingemar Ljungdahl
Knowledgeable, keen to share ideas on photography, suggesting what to do without getting in to the very details of doing it, but rather giving you the tools to make your own decisions.
Ingemar Ljungdahl
Retired, Sweden