Mar 18, 2023

South Moravia boasts striking undulating hills

By Martin Rak

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Located in the southeast of the Czech Republic, this area is a genuine haven for photographers, particularly those who are eager to use a telephoto lens.

The region of South Moravia is renowned for its picturesque rolling hillsides and vineyards, which offer opportunities to capture breathtaking, timeless, and abstract photographs.

Rolling hills with alley tree

South Moravia offers year-round opportunities for photography, with each season providing a unique and fresh perspective. Additionally, the region's crop fields are rotated annually, so even if you return to the same location every year, you can expect to see a range of colors, from greens to browns to yellows.

Sentinel trees

To capture the essence of South Moravian hills, a specific photography technique is required, utilizing a long lens, usually starting at a minimum of 300mm. The shots are taken from the opposite hill to accentuate the dramatic nature of the photographs.

Šardice field grove

This masterclass will teach you the proper use of a long lens, as well as techniques for stabilizing your tripod and camera settings to minimize camera shake and ensure your photos are incredibly sharp.

The Chapel

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