Dec 3, 2022

The Jizera Mountains - a winter wonderland

By Martin Rak

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Experience winter wonderland in Jizera Mountains and how to capture waterfalls and mountain peaks with polarizing filters and telephoto lenses.

Experience the enchanting winter wonderland of the Jizera Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its pristine birch forests. Located near the Czech-German border in the northern part of the Czech Republic, this destination is sure to leave you in awe.

Creek icicles

We'll explore the art of photographing waterfalls and creeks, teaching you valuable skills such as wide-angle composition, working with polarizing filters for reflection and color management, controlling shutter speed and aperture to create a silky smooth water flow effect, and using telephoto lenses to capture abstract details of frozen water.

Water reflections

To wrap up our photo session, we'll photograph mountain peaks shrouded in mist. Using a telephoto lens, we'll capture the intricate details of snow-covered trees intertwined with colorful ones.

Snowy Jizera Mountains

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