March 6 — 11, 2024

Northern Spain Photo Tour

Grand and Intimate Sights of the Dragons Coast

Uncover a breathtaking coastal haven in Northern Spain, boasting monumental cliffs, intimate pebble-filled coves, and an array of unique rock formations.

Martin Rak
Martin Rak
Your Award-winning Tutor
Seasoned Tutors

No matter what your experience, our seasoned tutors will help you push your skills to a whole new level.

Small Groups

We keep our photo workshop groups up to 7 participants to deliver an intimate and insightful experience.

Unforgettable Sceneries

Being a bunch of adventurers, we are eager to discover the undiscovered locations, and find new vantage points of famous sights for you.

Landscape Photography Masterclass

As a tour participant, you will get exclusive access to our premium Landscape Photography Masterclass channel.


Snap your way through Bilbao's beauty! Capture the iconic Guggenheim Museum by Frank Gehry and soak in the sun at the stunning beaches during our first two days.

Basque Country

Don't breathe fire, but we're headed to the real-life Dragonstone! Join us as we explore the magnificent Gaztelugatxe islet, made famous by Game of Thrones.


Explore Cantabria's breathtaking coastline rock formations and discover a world of geological wonders shaped by the mighty forces of nature.


Get ready to be swept off your feet by the stunning beaches of Asturias, where every grain of sand and every rock is a unique work of art, displaying an array of colors and shapes that will leave you in awe.

Flysch Rocks

Discover a land of fire-breathing dragons! Feast your eyes on the awe-inspiring flysch rock formations that mimic the shape of dragon's tails and backs - a truly typical sight to behold.

Picturesque Rock Patterns

Get ready to witness nature's grandeur up close! From monumental cliffs adorned with towers, arches, and sea stacks to intimate pebble-filled coves and rock details, our journey promises to be a feast for the eyes.

Majestic Mountains

Experience the perfect fusion of nature's elements! Witness majestic mountains standing tall against the backdrop of lush green pastures dotted with horses, perched right above the stunning coastal cliffs.

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Included in the Price

Professional Tutor
  • Best photo locations guaranteed
  • Weather sensitive program
  • Landscape photography mastery
  • Post-production sessions
  • Car or van with a driver
  • Including Bilbao pick-up / drop-off
Small Group
  • Up to 7 attendees
  • 2 nights in Bilbao
  • 3 nights in Luarca
  • All-inclusive meals & drinks
  • *Up to 2 alcohol drinks a day

Excluded from the Price

Flight Tickets
  • Or any other form of transportation to and from Spain
Travel Insurance
  • Please note that travel insurance is compulsory
Any Visa Fees
  • When applicable


Bilbao (2 nights)
  • Free WiFi
  • Flat-screen TV
  • Minibar
  • Safety deposit box
Luarca (3 nights)
  • Outdoor fireplace
  • Free WiFi
  • Flat-screen TV
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Encounter the Northern Spain
with the Real Adventures

Martin Rak

Award-winning landscape photographer in constant pursuit of light and fog.

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Ingemar Ljungdahl
Knowledgeable, keen to share ideas on photography, suggesting what to do without getting in to the very details of doing it, but rather giving you the tools to make your own decisions.
Ingemar Ljungdahl
Retired, Sweden

Any Questions First?

Digital camera (i.e. DSLR or mirrorless camera) with wide angle lenses highly recommended for landscape photos, and telephoto lenses comes in real handy, especially when you wish to get some detail of the landscape. Good tripod and a remote shutter release for tack sharp pictures. Neutral density (ND 8x, 64x, and 1000x) and polarizer filters are highly recommended.
We strongly recommend you pack up some waterproof hiking boots and waterproof clothing with you. Make sure to pack up some warm clothing. It can get real windy and damp.
You can easily access most of the stunning photo spots along the coast without having to venture far from your car. All you need to do is take a short climb down the cliffs, either by following a set of stairs or navigating the rugged rocks.
The minimum number of attendees on this photo tour is 4.
The maximum number of attendees is 7 attendees per tour.
In that case, it’s up to us to decide whether we want to organize the photo tour anyways, and we’ll update you shortly. In case we decide to not go through with the tour, we’ll return you the money paid in the tour account asap.
The tour itinerary is set within the tour program as the basic outline but it may vary depending on the weather conditions. We’re trying hard to deliver you the best experience according to the actual situation. The tour itinerary is only set as the basic outline of the tour - it is not hardwired into the program because it largely depends on the weather conditions. It is in our best interest to try hard and deliver the best experience, in fair and foul weather, according to the situation we are facing.
First, you book the tour via the booking form linked from the detail page of the particular photo tour. As soon as we receive your booking request, we’ll let you know whether your booking was confirmed. Once you obtain the booking confirmation with all the photo tour details, you’ll also receive payment details to make the advance payment or full payment in case the start of the photo tour is too close. The advance payment should be made within 7 days, while the full payment should be made asap. After receiving your payment, you’re officially signed up for the tour. And finally, if you made advance payment, you should cover the remaining balance no longer than 30 days before the photo tour starts.
As of now, we only provide our customers with wire transfer option, but are planning to also accept card payments in the near future. Unfortunately, we’re not planning to include PayPal.
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Bank address: Millennium Plaza, V Celnici 10, 117 21, Praha 1, Czech Republic

Company name: Bohemian Journeys, s.r.o.
Sure, if that works better for you.

If you decide to cancel the trip, you may be charged depending on the following rules:

  • within a period of more than thirty calendar days prior to the beginning of the trip: in the amount of the advance payment
  • within the period of thirty to fifteen calendar days prior to the beginning of the trip: in the amount of 50% of the trip price
  • within the period of fourteen to eight calendar days prior to the beginning of the trip: in the amount of 75% of the trip price
  • within the period of seven and less calendar days prior to the beginning of the trip: in the amount of 100% of the trip price.

Please note that the date when the cancellation takes effect shall be decisive for the calculation of the cancellation fee.

The photo tours are in English to accommodate the universal participant in you.
Yes, it’s already covered in the tour price. We’ll pick you up at the airport if you arrive on the day of the tour start.
That’d be great! Knowing your flight details is really helpful, as we can make plans to pick you up at the airport.