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Photo Tour

European Owls and Birds of Prey

On the wings of airborne creatures of nature

November 16 — 19, 2018

Answer the call of the avian world holding still for you.

A bird in the lens is worth two in the bush. ‘cause there is nothing as rewarding as capturing the moments of their magnificent beauty in flight - the stretched wings, beaks in action, deep eyes, and the wide palette of plumage mother nature has given them.

Now you can fly high. Our tour is a great opportunity to take arranged pictures of captive birds in their natural habitat radiating high credibility. And you won’t even have to wait for something to stir, sing or take wing and glide through the air for you to photograph…

No matter what, you’ll be left with images that will fly your way. Images of eagles, falcons, buzzards, eagle owls, owls and a lot more… the whole flock. So get your gear together and be prepared for some amazing close encounters of the bird kind!

Tour Itinerary

Close encounters of the bird kind

Meet Your Tutors

Enter the winged domain with the real adventurers

Tour Details

Check out price, accommodation, and other details about the tour

3 nights

up to 10 attendees

intermediate photographers

no serious hiking involved

Included in the price

  • 2 Professional photography instructors
    Ondra and Vojta, who will guide you through the subtleties of bird photography, necessary habits and bird behavior (choosing the right gear, scene selection, composition, post production) to give you the desired bird photo pack.
  • 3 nights of accommodation
    Single rooms available
  • Transport
    airport pick-up / drop-off in Prague (Czech Republic)
  • Meals
    breakfast, lunch, dinner, the whole lot…
  • In-field water and snacks
    much appreciated, while shooting :-)

Excluded from the price

  • Flight tickets
    or any other form of transportation to and from the Czech Republic
  • Travel insurance
    please note that travel insurance is compulsory
  • Alcoholic beverages
    whatever suits you, you carry the can
  • Additional snacks & meals
    not knowing what you might be into, we leave this up to you
  • Any visa fees
    when applicable

Recommended Gear

We want you to pass the tour with flying colors, so we suggest you bring the following:

  • Digital camera
    meaning DSLR
  • Good tripod
    sturdy and stable, ideally with gimbal head
  • Cable release
    not necessary, but recommended
  • Lenses
    focal lengths between 24mm and 600mm. Ideal choice would be the 300mm on a full frame camera, as we’ll be staying in the forests, so the lenses should be as fast as possible.
  • Warm and waterproof gear
    the temperatures can drop some four five degrees below zero, especially in the mornings, so bringing some warm clothes is highly advisable.
  • Waterproof hiking boots
    wellingtons or rain boots will do great, as they are the best for the wet meadows.
  • Mat
    you wouldn’t want to get wet while shooting from the ground, or would you?


Orea Resort Devět Skal

We will nest in the Orea Resort Devět Skal in the Czech Moravian Highlands. Offering a great lake view, this cosy hotel features fine amenities, indoor pool and sauna included. Each room has en suite bathroom and a satellite TV to put your feet up after the long photo shoots during the day. And to get us started for the field trips, mornings will be about some hearty breakfasts :-)

Ready to book the tour?

Total price: €1,490
The tour is fully booked, but feel free to sign up for our waiting list!

“Although the sun barely put in an appearance over the entire workshop, and the whole time it was pretty much shrouded in fog, I had a blast. At least we know how high our cameras can go on the ISO :-) Thanks for the great weekend, useful advices, guidance and the fine selection of locations - they all felt so natural and credible! From where I stand, I can highly recommend the workshop, knowing I will be coming back to pick Ondřej’s brains some more. There’s always something new to learn :-)”